Perchance you were expecting this write-up to begin with “he is bold, intelligent, articulate in his speech and writings, adroit in his thoughts, has a laudable sense of humour… he is, as the airwaves recognizes him, THE MORNING MAN on Joy99.7 fm”. And I just said that in Doreen Andoh’s voice.

Scratch that!


Still scratching?

In growing up, listening to the Super Morning Show on Joy99.7fm was like a ritual; content was just the thing! Komla Dumor’s voice was the morning dose, and then there was Kojo Oppong Nkrumah taking over… I was awed by the day. I remember sweeping our over 5-year old carpet in the living room when I heard Kojo Yankson’s voice. I screamed, “Ma! This is a different Kojo oo… where is Kojo Oppong Nkrumah?” silly question, she reminded me, and also stressing on the fact that she doesn’t work at Joy99.7fm. I felt irate listening to someone sound as equally good as Kojo Oppong Nkrumah; did he travel? Changed jobs? Long story short, eventually, he took over, and I grew fond of his voice, but life got demanding and now here I am skipping my daily dose of the Super Morning Show. Apparently, the withdrawal symptoms weren’t as bad. I found myself ideally cyber stalking Mr. Yankson on social media and every other online article… well, occasionally [face drops in palms].

One night, one of my insomniac nights, at exactly 3.42am, I decided to finally send Kojo Yankson a message on Facebook hoping he’d read it later in the year and surprise me with a reply.

I sent you a friend request some time back, but FB rejected it saying you’ve reached the limit, so my only option was to Follow your works here.

I just clicked the friend request button again hoping you would’ve unfriended some users here for one reason or the other… scratch that!

It failed again.

But then I’m wondering, will this message reach you late because I’m not your ‘friend’ on FB? Pfft.

Ok then, have an amazing weekend, or whenever you get this”

He replied, within 2minutes;

Right. Sorted. I just shed some load to create a nice Miz-Akwele-shaped hole in my friends list. Will you fill it please? Check your friend requests”

No kidding! I gladly flowed with ease;

Hahahaha thank you.

I just did, and I’m not coming out of it anytime soon”

Interestingly, our conversation was uninterrupted. But it even got quite interesting when I sent him this list.

  1. I’m honoured to have you as a friend. You’ll definitely rub your awesomeness on me.
  2. Uhmm… I love the way you write. I have a silly smile on my face right now which you cannot see, thanks to our means of communication.
  3. I’m a fan of the Kojo train on Joy99.7fm and I’m happy you’re keeping it moving.
  4. I want to know you, and know you, and know you.
  5. What was your reaction when you saw my message? I bet your inbox is chocked with messages. It beats my mind how you were able to see it the moment I sent it.


That’s it for now.

His response…

Ok, so I happened to be looking up the FB profiles of some people we’re considering as guests. Yes, I have a couple of hundred inbox msgs, but yours popped up just as I was about to log out, so I thought: ‘let’s take a peek’. I immediately thought ‘she’s smart’, so I decided to do something about it. And the rest is history.

So… what exactly goes into knowing me and knowing me and knowing me? Sounds… exciting.

Glad! Glad I wasn’t in my dumb state then.

We’ve had indefinite length of conversations these few months, but Kojo Yankson’s jobs don’t interest me as much as his personality… well, my perception of him, must I say. Pretty cool gentleman, an admirable listener too.

Perceptibly, we started on a good note. Kojo Yankson is warming, sensitive, principled, and still a man. I cannot forget the vibes of haughtiness and innocence in smugness I make out in his voice on the air and online when we engage. The little things that make him tick would marvel you.

Unfortunately we haven’t met yet. He is a busy man, yet blames the busyness on me. I’m still planning to surprise him one of these days. Who minds meeting a gentleman anyway? But before that, let me just be sure to inscribe this in my Lavender Diary.