Our flaws themselves aren’t perfect, yet our perfection is our most eminent flaw. We strive for it every day, this flaw of perfection, and end up being flawed anyway. Now, may I ask, are you flawed? Are you perfect?


Naadu: I’ll get back to you in a… I need to answer this

[Picks up phone, tensed]


Uhm… yes

Sure, why not?

21days? Wow… sure… sure

Why not?


Safe travel

[Ends phone call and turns to Joel]

Naadu: Forgive the sudden interruption. That wasn’t the best of first impressions, was it?

Joel: [laughs] that’s fine, really. You’re alright? You seem tensed

Naadu: Aw thanks! Joel, right?

Joel: Yes. Dillis?

Naadu: Naadu is fine with me

Joel: Alright

Naadu: O! Have a seat. So, I’m all ears.

Joel: I thought you’d be a bit uhm…

Naadu: …older?

Joel: [smiles shyly] well, kind of.

Naadu: [nods in agreement] I get that quite often. Joel, again, I’m all ears.

Joel: Georgette is an online friend. We’ve been consistently communicating for over a year. A few weeks ago, we graduated from texts to video calls. It’s been amazing so far. I like her.

Naadu: How far is she?

Joel: S.A

Naadu: Ok, go on.

Joel: She’ll be in Ghana tomorrow, in the flesh.

Naadu: Well, that’s exciting news for you. Why do you look so distraught?

Joel: I know. I know. It’s what she said, and how she said it.

Naadu: What did she say? How did… [Joel interrupts]

Joel: She wants me. We have a strong sexual bond. It’s disturbingly good.

Naadu: Wow.

Joel: It’s so strong that I cannot imagine how steaming the experience will be, physically. Even worse, she’ll be returning in 7 days!!

Naadu: So you’re afraid it will be short-lived? Why is she coming to Ghana?

Joel: For me, that’s what she says. She only wants to meet me.

Naadu: You believe that?

Joel: [silent]

Naadu: How is your sexual life? Your love life as well.

Joel: Well, it is… [Naadu interrupts]

Naadu: They are two different things, you know that, right?

Joel: I’m not much of the casual sex guy. I’ve been celibate for 15months now. My last relationship ended 2yrs back. I like to believe I’m a passionate lover who shows love in diverse ways, and love making is a significant one.

Naadu: Are you in love with Georgette enough to be that intimate with her?

Joel: My point exactly. I’m more drawn to her sexually. It’s crazy. I just want to have her over and over… do so much to her, with her… I…

Naadu: Are you in love with her?

Joel: I don’t know. Maybe I just want that physical closure before I can tell.

Naadu: Tell me, what do you talk about?

Joel: [stares distantly at Naadu and laughs blissfully] we talk about everything, anything… she’s brilliant, she’s smart, funny… everything.

Naadu: Everything you ever wanted in a woman?

Joel: I guess.

Naadu: [smiles]

[Darn! I wish I could hear a man talk this passionately about me]

Naadu: Why have you been celibate all this while?

Joel: I am a Christian, but I’m not perfect. I believe in loyalty.

Naadu: How about fornication?

Joel: Greatest struggle.

Naadu: I understand. But do you think Georgette is someone you’d like to spend the rest of your life with?

Joel: Perhaps so.

Naadu: Does she know how you feel?

Joel: Partially. I mean, she knows how I feel to some extent, not that I could take it to the next level.

Naadu: But she’s coming all the way for you.

Joel: [sighs]

Naadu: Meet with her, in a public place. Don’t get physical yet, at least until you’re sure she’s the one, but most importantly, because you’re fighting that spirit of fornication trying to overwhelm you. Congratulations! 15months is a long time, but you can survive it, believe me, you can. Honestly, if your aim is to stay celibate until marriage, you can do it, with a woman who would by all means  support and encourage you to stay celibate. If she is willing to do that…

Joel: [nods in agreement] yeah.

Naadu: [sigh] You’re sure? You can reach me on phone anytime you’re having difficulties, between end of this session till our next.

Joel: [unlocks his phone to save Naadu’s contact]

[Meeting ends]

[Joel steps out with Naadu]

Joel: Thanks a lot. I’ll call you.

Naadu: I’ll be available.

[Joel waves at Korkor and exits]

Korkor: SISTER!!!

Naadu: [smiles] Oh stop it.

Korkor: [teasingly] Look at you, girl, you’re all smiles. What’s his story?

Naadu: Forget it. His eyes are fixed on someone [eyes still fixed on the exit door]

Korkor: Hello?! He came because he’s weak and needs help. Be that help!

Naadu: No! I cannot take advantage of my client, that’s unprofessional.

Korkor: Technically, he is NOT your client. You’ve stolen him.

Naadu: WE have stolen him. O! Now the blame is on me?

[Both laugh]

Naadu: Dinner?

Korkor: Yeah bae.

Naadu: You’re sleeping over?

Korkor: Not tonight. Zee is in town.

Naadu: Forgive! So you guys are going on a date or something? C’mon, I would love some company, please? I’ll tell you all about Joel. Ok, come over after the date.

Korkor: Kempinski.

Naadu: What has… wait… hey no way! Dinner at Kempinski? Girl, I’m tagging along!

Korkor: [laughs effortlessly] Okay that’s fine, but you’ll have to leave within an hour because…

Naadu: I know [rolling her eyes]




…to be continued

Photography Inspiration: Adrian McDonald.