OMG! Kill Bill Just Killed Bill!!


A few minutes ago, I updated my status with this caption, but I guess Bill deserves more than just a Facebook caption. Uma, how could you?! I loved Bill ๐Ÿ˜ฅย 

Allow me to proudly take you down memory lane. Volume 1 of KILL BILL was released in 2003, a story of one retired assassin’s revenge (Uma Thurman) against a man who tried to kill her while she was pregnant years prior. After being in a coma for 4-years, Beatrix Kiddo is hungry for revenge against the man and his team of assassins and will stop at nothing to Kill Bill.

But c’mon, Uma, there are a billion Bills in this world; are you killing them all? What did Bill do to you? Not that Bill, I mean, this Bill. He had avid fans of hisย ‘stupid Be Like Bill internet meme’ย you know? Bill gave us life. He forewarned us so we saw the dangers ahead. He made us invincible, and we could be anything we wanted.

I guess Bill’s wife wasn’t happy too. I won’t be surprised if she turned Umar’s heart against Bill because of his name. Besides, some old wounds don’t entirely heal.

I’m sad.

Farewell, Bill.

Remind me not to name my son Bill, you know, just in case Umar feels obliged to Kill Bill.