Could This Be Love? I Doubt!


We love the way we want to be loved, mostly. We love because we actually need love.

What love isn’t, is violence; that is plain evil.

On Wednesday 20th January, as I patiently waited at the OPD ward in an impatiently long queue, a young man brought in a young lady in a wheel chair. It was supposed to be an emergency, but the victim and her handler were equally calm. Actually, the victim had her phone in her right hand texting on Whatsapp, with her left hand on her bloody neck. Her dress was stained with so much blood that it could almost pass for a gruesome view.

About 10minutes later, a man who looked unconscious was rushed in a wheelchair with clothe soaked in blood, round his neck.

My immediate reaction?



According to the grapevine, the woman who came in earlier was wife to the man who came in minutes later. They’d had a heated squabble, and the man angrily grabbed the closest tool, a cutlass, and heatedly but accidentally slits her neck. Observers decided it was time to intervene, and that was how his wife ended up in the hospital. After she’d been rushed, he slit his throat with the cutlass in guilt of the harm he caused to his wife.


This is certainly not what love looks like. NO.