Naadu – Episode 3


 If we had our own way, we will control it all; time, our relationships, some choices, even those we love.

Naadu: I see you’ve been lifting some real heavy metals [stares coyly]

Korkor: Right! What are we eating? Dayum! This place is bougie

Zee: [takes Korkor by the hand and says teasingly] Sensitive much?

Korkor: Oh who? Me? [laughs tensely] C’mon love, she’s harmless. I can never be bothered.

[Waiter approaches with copies of the menu]

[Just as they were checking out the menu with eyes fit to burst, Naadu’s phone rings, loudly]

Naadu: Sh*t! Sorry. I’ll step out for this one. Excuse me, guys.

[She steps out]

[Zee stares at Korkor in loud silence]

Korkor: Don’t do that. I couldn’t say no.

Zee: How did she get to know anyway?

Korkor: We are best friends, Zee. You had a crush on her and that was it, it’s past… you chose me. Why are you… let’s just have a good meal, love. I haven’t seen you in a month, and that’s like FOREVER!

Zee: Uhm we Skype.

Korkor: Really? Really??

Zee: No, babe, I’m not falling for that tone and look. No. Change of subject.

[Naadu returns to the table]

Naadu: Sorry guys, I’ll have to leave.

Zee: So soon? All good?

Naadu: I know, right? I’m finally at Kempinski and now… it’s uhm… one of my clients

Korkor: Client? Is it him?

Zee: Who? [asks curiously]

Naadu: [to Korkor] Yes

Zee: Who??

[Lifts her forefinger towards Zee to exclude him out of the conversation]

[Zee raises eyebrows in shock]

Korkor: You’re going over?

Naadu: That wouldn’t be professional, would it?

Korkor: So…?

Naadu: African Regent, I’m meeting him there. He’s at Villagio so I suggested we meet close to him

Korkor: Dayum! Does he know you’re at Villagio as well?

Naadu: Hah!! Girl, Whatsapp alert.

Korkor: Definitely! Don’t sleep and apologize tomorrow. Send that text tonight!!

[Naadu exits]

[Scene fades out as Naadu walks out]

[Scene fades in as Naadu drives in on the African Regent Hotel parking lot]

[She parks right beside Joel]

Joel: Thanks for showing up. I hope I didn’t mess up your plans.

Naadu: No, that’s fine. What’s the emergency?

Joel: Ok this might sound crazy, but she’s up there, in my room.

Naadu: Uhuh?

Joel: [speaks hesitantly] I need to get rid of her. She is… I can’t do this.

Naadu: [Silent. Gets out of her car and leans back listening to Joel]

Joel: I am not ready to have sex with her. She’s got a spell on me, I know it!

Naadu: [Smiles] So, step out with her into a public place. Have a nice romantic dinner date, take a walk, go see a movie at the Silverbird Cinema… engage in the midst of people until you’re both ready to part ways. Where is she lodging?

Joel: Yes! She plans sleeping in my apartment while she’s here.

Naadu: Joel, what do you want?

Joel: [Silent]

Naadu: You know I’m off working hours, right?

Joel: And I greatly appreciate this, trust me.

Naadu: So?

Joel: So I need you to flow with me on this one

Naadu: Flow?

Joel: Please. This is too much to ask, I know, but please do this for me

Naadu: I’m listening

Joel: Just like they do in the movies, I need you to walk in with me… no, before me, then act like my girlfriend or something?

Naadu: Girlfriend or something like what??

Joel: Girlfriend. A fake girlfriend. Then question her, act angry or something?

Naadu: You’re kidding! What have you been watching?

Joel: Please, Naadu?

Naadu: You’re kidding!!

Joel: [silent. Stares at Naadu]

Naadu: You’re actually serious?!

Joel: [Silent]

Naadu: I can’t believe this.

[Scene fades]

[Naadu knocks on the door]

[Georgette opens]

[Naadu enters and throws her handbag onto the couch with attitude]

[Georgette stares in amazement]

Georgette: Hello?!

Naadu: Yes?

Georgette: Who are you?

Naadu: I should be asking you that.

[Takes a glass and pours out some Cranberry juice]

[Sip on her juice and leans over the counter]

[Georgette still marveled by Naadu’s actions]

Naadu: I am Joel’s roommate.

Georgette: I’m here with Joel. He never mentioned he had a roommate.

Naadu: O!

[Joel enters]

Joel: Georgette! You finally met Naadu.

Naadu: Clearly [pours herself some more juice]

Georgette: [screams indignantly] You have a roomie??

Joel: Yeah, it’s been a couple of months now. She’s my ex, and needed a place to… [Georgette interrupts]

Georgette: I’m out of here!

[Walks out angrily]

[Both stare at each awkwardly]

Naadu: Are you going to run after her?

Joel: Then what’s the point of you showing up here?

Naadu: Try calling her cell.

Joel: Why?

Naadu: Because you’d want her to know that you’re not insensitive, and because she won’t answer.

[A few minutes later]

Naadu: I’m hungry. Do you care to make it up to me?

Joel: Hahahaha!! Give me a minute, I’ll pick up my wallet then we head downstairs back to African Regent.

Naadu: Sure. You know this isn’t a date, right?

Joel: [Walks back to Naadu] I just broke a woman’s heart, and I wouldn’t want to appear insensitive, would I?

Naadu: We’re stealing lines now?

[Walks away]

[Joel’s phone rings twice]

Naadu: [Screams beckoning Joel] Your phone’s ringing!


[Voicemail comes through:

“Joel honey, I haven’t heard from you all day, what’s going on? Were you able to see her? Did she fall for it? I’m so winning this bet hahaha!! Sucker! I still think Naadu is too sweet to impersonate me, and…]

[Joel enters and freezes, stares at Naadu looking intently at the telephone]

[“…but she’s an amazing person, my most loyal employee, that one. I think you’ll like her. I just hope you don’t fall for her. Why do I even care if you do? In the end, I’m walking out with my money!! Call me, else you know my account number… hehehe”]

[Call ends]

[Dead silence for about 5seconds]

[Naadu breaks the silence by clearing her throat]

Joel: Naadu.




…to be continued

Photography Inspiration: Adrian McDonald.