Pass Patipiso, Past Participle, Or Is It Present Continuous Tense? – Creō Concept Tricked Us


You must’ve seen this video already, especially if you’re Ghanaian and fully understand the dialogue. If it didn’t make you laugh, you’ll need some anti depressants.

Allow me to translate it into the English Language, literally:

Mr. Creō: Akwasi,when you find yourself doing something incessantly, how will you term it in English Language?

Akwasi: Pass Pasitipo

Mr. Creō: What did you say?

Akwasi: Pass Patipiso?

Mr. Creō: Pass what?

Akwasi: Pass Pasipito

Mr. Creō: Herh! When you keep doing something… when you keep on doing something, how will you term it in English Language?

Akwasi: Pass Pasitipo

Mr. Creō: Pass what?

Akwasi: Pass Patisipo

[Mr. Creō takes rod and hits Akwasi with it]

I bet the first time you watched it, even the second time you shared it with your friend, it didn’t occur to you that Akwasi’s answer was wrong anyway. I’m saying this because a friend showed it to me laughing uncontrollably and eventually catching her breath and saying “I also didn’t get that word right in primary school… Past Participle”.

That was when this skit even got funnier, because one gets so carried away that the answer to defining one incessantly doing something is called Continuous Tense and not Past Participle.

Honestly, I had a tough time pronouncing the word Past Participle. I would bite my tongue most of the time, and I was working on my tutors then.

Way to go, Creō Concept. You got many on this one. How witty!

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