Actress & Broadcaster Naa Ashorkor In Her New Modish Sweat!


Back in school when we used to wear uniforms, we were made to cut down our hair so low that we often had a tomboy look, except for the difference in the male and female school uniforms. We used to call the hair ‘SWEAT’. But fashion and style never really dies, does it?

We were in a rush to complete High School only to perm our hair for that feminine and matured look; at least those of us who enrolled in the public schools 😕

Natural Hair Enthusiasts call it the Big Chop. This is when one decides to eventually cut off her permed hair to make room for her natural hair, the hair uncontaminated with unnatural chemicals. Within a desirable period, she makes room for her natural hair underneath to grow as much as she can wear it alone, confidently.

I must say, not all ladies in the limelight can pull off this new look by Naa Ashorkor.

Tell me you saw it coming, and I’ll tell you how quick you are to tell a lie with ease 👿

I used to wonder how female television and broadcasters maintained healthy hair when they’re almost always seen in different wigs and hairdos. I’m like “Girl! Let your hair breathe!”

Well, Naa Ashorkor looks stunning without doubt. When I first saw the new look, I knew it wasn’t much about the hair; if a woman’s beauty is in her face, then it is in her smile, not necessarily her hair.




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Photography: Akiboat Impressions