Please Tell Nii That I’ll Be Better


Nii is too cool to entertain such behaviour from me; I will be better, please tell him that.

We make friends in many ways, and for me, this was by choice. I like that I can have a complete conversation on Whatsapp in my local dialect and have the recipient flow with effortlessness.

I like that I can make random demands and have the other party not questioning my intentions, rather flowing with ease.

It’s a beautiful thing knowing that we have differences that don’t disconnect us, but then in discussing them wisely, we come to an understanding of each others’ views… wait! That’s not a general thing; I’m talking about Nii and me.


So, here is the thing; a few weeks back, I was in a bad place, metaphorically, and then I got really busy, and it affected our communication. He was available, but I wasn’t, for us… at all. His thoughts cross my mind severally, but then something always comes up, and… Ok! No more excuses.

Please tell Nii to forgive me and let me back in as that cool friend again.

I know… I know…

I know he’ll forgive me, but just to make things look more or less a big deal and to show him how important friendship is to me.

I miss him 😥