5 Days Until Extraction! The Dentist Said


If I could curse this wisdom tooth, I would, but what’s the use? The pain is excruciating and unbearable. No, this isn’t the first time she’s alerted me of her existence –it’s actually the third, yet the most agonizing.

Have you ever felt wiser feeling your wisdom tooth shooting up? Then take it off, please! Doc, please.


It was only but Friday I had a shoot during the day, then had dinner with a friend and laughed my heart out fluently. The pains begun to settle in on Saturday, but I had 2 papers to write. Since my night sleep was disturbed by the awful pains in my lower left jaw leaving me with a headache, I found myself drowsy in the exam hall even as I was writing. Interesting much? I’d never experienced that.


On Sunday, I realized during my series of awakening at night how heavy my face felt, and the dryness in my eyes. My face was swollen. But it got better in the morning… Thank God!

“You should get it removed”

“See a Dentist ASAP”

“One of my friends got hers removed last year. Her cheek bone swelled up so bad that she had to cover it whenever she stepped out… but it’s worth it. Get it removed”

“Please do go to the dentist before the worst pain in life, far above childbirth is a tooth ache. You can’t even think let alone string a sentence together”

“Should I come and visit you? I’ll bring you food you don’t have to chew”

How compassionate.

The Dentist is my only fear on earth. I’ve been afraid of him since he took out my lower central incisors to eliminate two rows of teeth – ‘Supernumerary Teeth’ they call it. Such a complicated name!! I was about 6ys by then and never seen the dentist since. The mention of a dentist relives the pains in my teeth.

Day 3 – TODAY!

I finally gathered courage to enter the Dental Clinic. After the X-Ray, the doctor takes a look at my teeth and;

“Why? You cannot open your mouth? It’s painful, isn’t it?”

 😯 Yes please! 😯

“Here is what we’ll do. I’ll give you some medicine to loosen up those jaws. You on the other hand will have to do regular jaw exercises, open-and-close-open-and-close. The nurse will give you further instructions, but we meet again in 5 days for the extraction”.

Meet again?! But I’ll do anything to eat solid foods, swallow without pain, and speak audibly again.

Hey Joseph, you asked if I’d be less tensed if the doctor was young and hot. Well, you guessed wrong. He’s old and teases… a lot!

Guys, I’m certain the pain will lessen this week, but in 5 days… Oush! Wish me the best, please 😥