Mum Entered The Bathroom… With Me In It!!


🙁 Mother oh Mother! My mother is the most amusing mother in the world!

In my childhood years, I’d enter the bathroom without restraint, when Mother was bathing, even Curtis (twin brother). I’m grown now… who does that still?? Does she even care? This morning, mother did it with ease.


“What?? Are you not my daughter? Today you’re shy?!”

I couldn’t fight it. She stole conscious stares at me while I bathed, making sure I saw her stare, with pleasant smiles. I must say it was a bit uncomfortable.

“Let me scrub your back for you”

“Maa! I can do it. I’ve been doing it for years”

“Well, I started scrubbing and even taught you how to. Are you denying me this…”

“Maa, please don’t”

It was funnier than it was irritating. I mean, Mother would utter maddening words in a funny way which will keep your smiling and laughing although you’re sort of mad.

She wore a pleasant look with warming eyes that made me calm. I’m hoping my daughter(s) see that in my eyes someday. But to bath with them in their mid-twenties, well… uhm the apple does not fall far from the tree, does it?