Love Me Some February!


It’s a month of love and I’m probably more excited than you are.

Countdown to 13 days till Valentine’s Day! Whoop-Whoop!!

Valentine’s Day is a day of romance named after a Christian Martyr and dates back to the 5th Century, but its origin is in the Roman holiday Lupercalia – but that’s a full post for a different day.

At the moment, February 1st ends in 2hrs 20min, and I’m certainly going to make the most of it by;

  • Learning more about LOVE
  • Learning HOW TO love
  • Loving and enduring
  • Letting them whom I love know that I love them

Cetainly one does not need a month in a year or a peculiar day in a month to show LOVE, but here it is anyway.

Let’s toast to a HAPPY LOVING MONTH!