From Ewurasi With Love – Lilac Val Notes (1)


I am…

Ewurasi Akyere Jonah Kumah, an event planner by profession, a music lover/singer and a wife to Kennedy Kwame Kumah, a Sales Analyst who loves God, his family and work.

He is…

…a bit of an introvert but over time he’s learnt to cope with my noisy, bubbly self, and my family and friends. He has a very interesting personality. He’s proud but humble and lazy but very hard working. He just knows when to move from being one thing to another at the most appropriate time. He’s not been all that perfect and neither have I.

But sometimes…

our opinions differ and arguments come up when you least expect them to. But we always conclude with ‘okay I understand you but am also thinking it’s this way instead and I may be right’.
We both grew up in separate homes and learnt to do things differently. I personally hate it when he decides to do anything in the kitchen😒, it means I surely have to clean up after him. But trust me, it’s better to have a man that will help you in the kitchen and still create a mess than to have one that will do nothing at all and still expect dinner to be served on time😊.

February is…

…for us, like every other month.
When we started dating I remember asking him what we were doing for our first valentine together and he said “nothing”😳.
I was shocked and also a bit disappointed but then he added this… “everyday has to be special for us baby, I don’t need a day in the year to show you I love you or that you are special to me. Yes I’mm sure I will buy you a bar of chocolate and some wine but don’t let that be a criteria for measuring my love for you.”
After that day, well, Valentine’s day became one of the ordinary days for us.
Maybe a few times we do some something out of the ordinary but… it’s no criteria for measuring our love for each other 😄.

On the 14th Day of February…

…this year, I’m planning something quite different, a trip maybe. I don’t want to share all the details here because it’s a surprise for him.
If it works out well, I’m sure I will share it in another submission… haha


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