Writer’s Block S#cks!!


Israel Allende says “write what cannot be forgotten”. Let me try;

This picky sentence has been re-written innumerable times in different way. It started with the story of a sheep, distorted to the couple I saw last night touching each other behind my house, then I began to narrate the story of the lady who got attacked by armed robbers in my neighborhood –no I didn’t witness it, mother put in the picture.

I’ll try not to delete this sentence… phew! I didn’t.

Heard of the Ghanaian couple who recently gave birth at Bradford Royal Infirmary to their third set of twins? I know!!!!!!!!!! Third set, on 3rd February, 2016, to a couple both 30yrs old. 3 must be their favorite number, and I can bet on that. This is like foreseeing my mother conceive again. I feel proud anytime I tell someone I am the first twin of the first set of twins… ooouu!

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and Jollof too. This wasn’t a part of the plan, but can I ask him if he’ll be busy on Valentine’s Day? Should I be expectant, or I should just… pfft. Never mind.

Malta Guinness has introduced its new packaging in plastic bottles, but BETA MALT anyday. I could have put up a complete blog post on this but my imagination is short-lived; I can’t seem to focus for long else accommodation to trial on Waakye until self destruct in the new stereotypical consul jammed up to… I’m done here! Enough gibberish.