I Am Never Seeing The Dentist Again!!






I am in so much pain this very minute… so much that I could give that dentist a blow in the face that could fracture my knuckles.

The tooth extraction was today, and it was successfully done. But the pain is agonizing. Give me, in exchange for this, the pain I felt days ago when my wisdom tooth was utterly unruly. Please!

I would not wish this for my worst enemy.

I’ve experienced diverse pains, but this is indescribable. I can even feel the pain in my knees.

“Relax your jaws… relax your jaws. Why, are you afraid?”

Really?? You’re picking up one tool after the other to forcibly extract the tooth, and you ask me to relax?!

“This is why it’s called an extraction. Relax. If I hadn’t used the anesthesia, then you would’ve been crying here”

Wow! And he laughs at me.

“Don’t worry, we’ll finish in no time”

It gets alarming when the nurse changes her position to hold my head firmly. There were moments when I’d envision some spy movies and how the agents were tortured under duress. Goodness!!

“Don’t close your eyes… don’t close your eyes”

After he was done, he says, “you’ve done so well. It is a very tough procedure”

Enough already. The pain lives until it dies. Wish me well 😥