So, About Mr. K…


He checked all my boxes, except he was a pretty good singer so I couldn’t make fun of his singing voice. Coming to think of it, there was nothing peculiar about him I could make fun of –I crushed, real hard.

Months passed and our friendship got… well, quite remarkable. He got my attention, perhaps fully, and I did his too, I knew that; it was how he’d say it. Hmm… pleasant days gone by.

Anyway, one day, it might have been sunny, cloudy, morning, night, but one day, I told him how much I liked him and how much I enjoyed his company. His response was more or less finicky, for lack of an appropriate word. That was when I knew my impatient self tripped, real hard.

So, I accepted the real and moved on, but still had a soft spot for this friend. About a quarter of a year later, Mr. K hits me with the distressing “we need to talk” line. Guess what he said.

Your guess is as good as mine.

Wait! Did you guess right?


Conceivably, women feel equally disappointed when rejected by men. There is no amplified hurt or shame, only that girls are more sensitive and they tend to over think every little detail, even the non-existent, and that’s what causes the likely odds of us feeling more pain.

Nonetheless, pain is only temporary, all emotions are. You might disagree now, but you certainly will agree with me tomorrow.

Photography: Gerard Nartey