Abena – Tuesday’s Gift To Ghanaba


Mother was born on a Tuesday, and she’s everything the day’s got to offer to the Ghanaba woman. She is ABENA.




A caring woman

A great parent

And here’s the most interesting part -a foodie!

Foodian as we call it, it would amaze you how she’s never lost appetite. I was blown away the day she told me she’s never lost appetite.

“Even when illnesses take me to the doctor’s consulting room, I never say I’ve lost appetite, because I don’t”

Her meals are as delicious and healthy as her appetite. I’m used to hearing her sing songs of praises to the Lord right after devouring a good meal with an empty plate in front of her. Her countenance changes drastically. She’s bubbly, happy, and wouldn’t understand why the other is moody or sad.

Everyone’s who’s been served mother’s meal knows that their plates must be empty before it is washed. Such a delightful woman.

Today, we celebrate ABENA

I still can’t wait to see AMA on Saturday!! 😆




Graphic Illustration: Ghanaba  of CreoConcepts