“How Are You? Really” – HONEST SESSIONS


Have you ever felt ill at ease responding to salutations like “how do you do?” and “how are you?” Typical, huh?

There are days when you plainly sense responding “fine” or “I’m good”, even “God dey” or “cool kwraa” puts off all follow up questions if you’re to be honest to “How are you?”

One of Ghana’s prominent uncompromising spoken word artists Ama Asantewaa Diaka AKA Poetra has made available a platform for heartfelt responses, and she calls it HONEST SESSIONS.

Take a look;

“When people ask me how I am, of course I’ll say “I’m okay”, “I’m alright”, “I’m fine”. I mean, what do you tell people when they ask you a question that means so much? So I guess the next answer would be, okay, I’m happy but not really. I think I’m fine with where my life is at but I’m not really happy. My happy metre is at maybe 35%. So no, I’m not okay. I’m not happy. I’m smiling and laughing and dancing, but I wish there was more. So the right answer for “how am I?” is: I wish my life was more” – Awuraama


“How am I? Restless.
I constantly find myself between the spaces of feeling like I’m not doing enough, and not doing the things I do well enough. I am in limbo, but not just limbo; there’s a fluidity in my uncertainty. What I mean is that I am nowhere, but in that nowhere I am somewhere. It’s like figuring out new bearings on a lost path. Yesterday was my first official bad day of the year; a string of mishappenings. Today, I woke up more positive and determined. So how really am I? At this very moment? I’m hopeful” – Asantewa


How am I?
School has me always stressed out: ulcers, broken nails, brittle hair, skinny bones. The growing up thing mpo dier… They tell you it’s not easy. They graciously fail to mention that it is in fact one helluva time.


How am I?
I am getting the first taste of love and relationships. You think your personal, singular life is tough? Try adding someone else by falling in love. And thus I end my story there.


How am I?
I am still trying to figure that out.” – Yvonne