No Uterus, No Comment!

As if dealing with my period isn’t enough, I have to also deal with a sanitary pad which seems wide off the mark! This is pretty maddening.

11years and counting, and I’ve had to entertain my angry uterus and its failure to conceive; there hasn’t been a particular time when my body has been cooperative with this state; angry, bored, horny, losing appetite, eating like a foodie, losing weight, gaining weight… such discrepancy! And your sanitary pads are not up to it?! C’mon!!

I’ve used ALWAYS for years, it’s a life saver. But then there was YAZZ and PRETTY LADY, and uhm… some others. I tried YAZZ a couple of times and it never worked well for me, except for the minty sensation that rubs out the bloody smell and makes me feel hot, literally. The problem was always with the wings, they never attach appropriately to the underwear so one ends up getting stained even when the pad isn’t full. Every other month, I gave it a try hoping they’d have found out the problem and solved it, until today.

Not anymore! Don’t tell me girls whine about cramps too much; try having it. And NO! Aspirin doesn’t just do it, there’s more to the physical pain. Did you even know there’s a difference between stomach cramps and ovary cramps?


Back to the matter, this is what happens when your uterus tries to throw a temper tantrum when writing –deviation from the matter. All I’m saying is, ladies, stick to the sanitary pads you’re comfortable in.

No uterus, no comment!