… Was Stuck On Mr. P


You know that one crush that never grows fainter? That’s Mr. P

I was stuck on him like… [sigh] which appropriate word wouldn’t sound vain? Uhm… ok, I’ll settle with just ‘glue’.

We met when I was closing my teen gap. He wasn’t my typical kind of gentleman, but his gentle self was gratifying. He’ll wear t-shirts all the time, and you’ll be fortunate if he agrees to cutting his hair at the barber’s after a series of arguments on the subject of his hair. The texture of his hair was like bristles, with white hair –too nice… too nice.

But his girlfriend was my friend. Well, quite, because she was an acquaintance of mine. You’d still want to classify the acquaintances as friends; you wouldn’t want them asking inane questions. Whether friend or acquaintance, I was not ready to break off the relationship they’d built before I came into the picture.

Yes he told me he loved me, and I did same, but here I am, moving on.

The remarkable part is what makes him stand out. Anytime I had an encounter, or an ultimately fresh breakup, Mr. P will reconnect o reawaken my thoughts and feelings towards him. I felt out of control… yes! It was every time!

But this wasn’t good for me. It was distracting, even depressing, going round about something you know clearly you cannot have. So I decided not to entertain these feelings when they came. In the beginning, it was difficult, but I challenged myself to be disciplined enough, even to the extent of deleting his contacts on my phone and blocking his WhatsApp contact… I kept the Facebook contact because he’s online by a hair’s breadth anyway.

We went round about this for 6years. So uhm… yeah.

Photography: Gerard Nartey