How About Sex With The Saint?


The conventional Christian relationship is not an easy one. Accept as true this is. I’ve been on both ends and assertively the struggles of the lackadaisical Christian couple and the secular couple doesn’t come close to the ‘unadventurous’ Christian couple.

Unsurprisingly, men want sex, women want attention. The men will give attention for sex, and the women will yield to the men’s desires for this attention. But here is the case where the Christian woman wants the attention, the Christian man wants the sex, yet all that can be given is the attention, NO SEX!

Yes, we make the conscious effort not to fornicate. Nevertheless, what happens to the man? How fair is it to the man that he only gives what his beloved naturally desires for, yet he doesn’t receive in the same vein?

The struggle is real.

Then there is the curious phase where the woman wants to know how sexually compatible she is with him;

How passionately does he kiss?

Does he like foreplay?

Does he like quickies?

Perhaps he will only have sex in bed. Is he adventurous?

How ‘huge’ is he? Maybe too small? “But size matters to me”


The secular relationship is easier. All curiosities are satisfied.

And NO! Some surprises aren’t as pleasant, but we’ll walk by faith still… that’s all about the walk of the Christian anyway, isn’t it?