So Valentine’s Day Passed And…


I wanted you to compliment my new hairdo when I sit by you on the pew on Valentine’s Day. I was curious of how it’ll look in your eyes yet never gave you prior notice of it because I’d wanted to surprise you. Did I expect too much?

What do we want, really? This heart, as fragile as it is, unexpectedly without stinting, harbors so much than it should, fairly.

We live still.

So what is it about love and disappointments that make the heart so heavy and the likeness of the mind to take thoughtless instantaneous decisions? This mystery still is vague. It gets complicated when the grounds on which you’re disappointed are unquestionably valid and you truly understand the cause of events.

On Valentine’s Day, I saw the couple that will deny their comfort to electrify each other, and there were those who stuck on their grounds in dissent to the notion that Valentine’s Day is vain and ‘you do not need only one day in the year to show love’… there were the admirers who will ‘aww’ to every sentimental illustration, and the lonely ones. It was an interesting view.

Love is a beautiful thing when harnessed and not denied. It is that feeling that strictly supersedes feelings –get this!