You Are A Virgin, So What??


So you’re a Virgin –pure, unblemished and untouched, but that’s fine because it is that ultimately priceless gift hubby will pride in on the night of your first P-in-the-V experience.

The Christian community frowns at fornication and adultery, that we know, but try pride, a sassy attitude, unceasingly bad odour, and the ‘I don’t cook – I shan’t cook – I couldn’t cook’ mind-set. Perhaps hubby’s gift of Virginity will fail to notice these.

It is better to marry a multiple serialized fornicator who has a right standing with God than a proud virgin –harsh, am I? Your virginity does not make you pure. The vagina is a trail of muscles, and just like any muscle in your body, if you don’t stretch it, it gets kind of tight. And unless you keep extending it by whichever means you know of, it tightens up again.

That’s no excuse to keep fornicating. Sin is sin, and “the wages of sin is death”.

Why are Secondary Virgins also regarded as Virgins? Because if you’ve never had the P-in-the-V experience or if it’s been a while since you had the P-in-the-V, your V is like, “Darn! Ouu… Wow!”And just like any other muscle in your body, it eventually snaps back like it was when it was never touched.

But then there’s conscience that allows for guilt and shame, and memories that can never be erased.

The celibate lifestyle is quite remarkable. Such way of life is chosen not because celibacy is valued, but because something else is valued, thus sex is given up for the sake of that ‘something else’.

Then again, you’re a virgin; you do not smile, you cannot cook, you don’t bath twice a day not even when you’re signaled RED, you’re not humble, and even miscomprehend the idea of feminism. Virginity is amazing, DON’T LOSE IT, but whiles you’re at it, DO NOT whine about men not approaching you… DO NOT say men don’t like you.

You can SMILE after reading this… perhaps someone’s watching…