Ama – Saturday’s Gift To Ghanaba


Guess what?! My loud screams are suppressed to sound like screechings because it’s 06:54 and I might wake up the neighbours. Say HELLO to Ama… saying HELLO to me!

Yes, that exclamation actually suggested a scream.

A typical tradition home in Ghana does most of the chores and ‘general cleaning’ on Saturdays. Growing up, I never enjoyed washing my clothes (no, I chose not to say ‘doing the dirty laundry’ because I washed with my hands) because I didn’t enjoy routines. Today, I am old enough to wash except Saturdays.

Ama is;





And PERFECT LOVERS!! Uhm… yes we are (face drops into palms).

It’s funny how we keep loving again after numerous hurts. Well, our land of birth gave us this gift we can never overlook. Sad sometimes, but we love it.

Graphic Illustration: Ghanaba of Creo Concepts