…Wore A Mini Skirt To Church And Got The Front Row – Don’t Judge Me


Enough of the ‘don’t judge me’ attitude! Yes, we will judge you, in our heads, because we are human, this you know. Own up if you like the attention and the periodic mess of having intolerant Christian ladies approach you on the subject of your dressing.

It is perfectly fine to show off your elegance by putting some of us to test, but what is intolerable is showing off this kind of elegance by deliberately making the other person look foolish.

See, you are in church, and you know the ways of the church, if not at all, the basic ways, you do know. Do not make us look idiotic.

What if you were ushered to sit in the front pew? The pastor is a spiritual being dwelling in a body; he breathes, eats, and sleeps… he feels.

Okay, let’s just say you didn’t wear a mini shirt with a cut behind deliberately to cause stares and falls. Let’s blame it on wardrobe malfunction, you are pardoned. But have your wardrobe malfunction often, and you’re plainly unwise.

There was a random question from a friend in a room of Christian ladies, saying,

“How do you tell someone they’re not dressing appropriately… especially a relatively new someone, without offending them?”

Responses from some ladies read,

“you have to be phlegmatic about it, that means NICE”

“‘you can start by saying, sister please your dress is nice, I like it but if it was a little lower below the knee, it will make it nicer’ then you give a 360 smile”

“these issues are really sensitive and no matter how nice you try to sound, it may hit someone the wrong way especially melancholics. So maybe a little joke around it, because if you’re too serious too, it becomes someway. So yeah, be nice and all but make it light”

My response,

If you start by saying you like it, you are misleading the person and telling lies, unless you actually like it and would wear it too. Give the person the benefit of the doubt by saying that you know she didn’t deliberately wear it to mislead others, but then what she’s done breathes space for others to get the wrong impression about her. Because in the end, we do not create impressions, impressions are made, and perceptions are uncontrollable. Say these in love. If you have a personal example, share, even the more powerful. When you use this approach, the person wouldn’t think you are trying to say something drastic by being nice and sugarcoating it. At times, be real. No, every time, be real, but DO IT IN LOVE.

Truth is, if questions drawn out in your head are questions that eventually rebut the exemption of short skirts in church, you’re equally furnishing reasons to why the church should allow this.

We are different people, no doubt about that. If a new person comes into a church in such dressing, the first appearance in acceptable, but the second is questionable, naturally… third is intolerable. We, Christians, believe that when one is converted and is born again, he lives like how Christ would want him to live, and is open to correction and acclamitization to the new life. Whiles she’s being corrected and taught, she must have a humble spirit to accept and learn.

So, “should there be a dress code in the House of The Lord?” Yes, a look that defines decency, unquestionably.