So You Disabled Your WhatsApp Blue Ticks Feature Because??


You cannot get away with this… there’s no way around it; you’re definitely hiding something, and I know it. Question is, ‘what are you hiding?’ ‘Who are you hiding from?’

When WhatsApp introduced the double blue ticks feature in 2014, HURRAY! Now we could actually observe and expose our friendly users who claim not to have read our messages. But it gets better, doesn’t it? Now you can actually disable that kismet blue ticks feature… pfft! 🙄

It’s the coolest experience until you’re on the receiving end – it’s like having a face to face conversation and having the recipient staring you in the face emotionless; you don’t know if he’s heard, you don’t know if he’s even listening. There is that irksome feeling during a heart-to-heart or heated up conversation, and just when you need that continuous flow of replies just like it’s been within the last few minutes, everything comes to a halt.


“are you there?”




I know how you do it, but just so you know, it’s pretty annoying sometimes. I’ve been there, and unlike you, I choose to be open by not opening my WhatsApp ‘Settings’, selecting ‘Account’ and ‘Privacy’, then switching off ‘Read Receipts’. Unlike you, I’d rather say ‘brb’ or tell you that I’ll get back to you later. I want to take the guesswork out to whether you’re offline or truly ignoring my messages. Isn’t that just fair?

What’s there to hide?

We’ve all got trust issues, but to deliberately allow a virtual platform like WhatsApp bring it to the fore, well… not cool.