Naadu – Episode 6


Well… uhm… never mind

Joel: What could possibly be wrong with you?

[A few minutes later, Korkor budges in]

[She rushes to Naadu’s side]

Korkor: [Stroking Naadu’s hair] Babe girl, pfft! O why? Why would you do this? You know… [halts when she realizes Joel was right behind her]

Korkor: Joe, right?

Joel: Joel, yes.

Korkor: [Rolling eyes… sighs] Alright, Joel, I’m here now so uhm… thanks for taking care of her, I’ll take it up from here.

Joel: That’s it? You wouldn’t tell me what exactly is wrong?

Korkor: You need not worry about this. It’s fine, really?

Joel: No, you can’t just tell me ‘it’s fine’. I have 3 sisters, and I know ‘it’s fine’ isn’t actually ‘fine’.

Korkor: Well, this time it is.

[Walks towards the fridge]

[He follows her]

Joel: You know your call freaked me out, right? You also know that you’ll have a lot to answer to when you got here. So why are you making this so uneasy for both of us.

[She reaches for a bottle of Beta Malt]

Korkor: I think you’ve overstayed your welcome.

Joel: That’s rude.

Korkor: Sorry. Listen, maybe she wants to keep you, maybe she’ll get rid of you soon, but knowing Naadu, if she wants you to know, she’ll definitely be the one to tell you, not me.

Joel: Alright, I can wait till tomorrow. Thanks anyway.

Korkor: One last thing though…

Joel: I’m listening

Korkor: Why did you do it?

Joel: Do what?

Korkor: You know what I’m talking about.

Joel: O that!

Korkor: Yeah, that.

Joel: It was just a game, I didn’t know it’ll get this far, honestly. This was what happened.

Korkor: Wait. Did she ask you not to explain yourself? As in, not talk about the whole issue?

Joel: Yes, but

Korkor: No buts. Let’s not discuss it. I knew she’ll say that.

Joel: You must be really close.

Korkor: Understatement. Alright, you’ve got to leave now.

Joel: It was a pleasure meeting you again, although the circumstances have never been flattering.

[She smiles]

[He exits]

[The next morning…]

Korkor: [Laughing hard] Agyei! You should have seen the look on his face… priceless!

Naadu: [Laughing] So he actually believed it? Wow!

Korkor: I doubt you’ll have to try harder. You’ll get him to fall in no time. Who plays such a game anyway? Next time, he wouldn’t mess with my girl the way he did.

[Zips up Naadu’s dress]

[Both exchange positions so that Korkor’s in front of the mirror while Naadu zips up her dress too]

Naadu: But on a more serious note, thanks [smiles]

Korkor: Anything for you love, I’ll do anything for you

Naadu: Really?

Korkor: Well, not entirely but… [Both laugh]

Naadu: We’ve got an hour until the wedding starts. Maame will be mad at us if we don’t to her place on time. Chale, let’s just go.

Korkor: Taken all we’ll need?

Naadu: Yes. You?

Korkor: Yep.

[Both walk out]

[Scene fades]

[Arrival at the bride’s house – Maame]

Korkor: We never got to meet with the groomsmen. I hope they’re hot because I can’t look this stunning just to stand by one…

[Naadu interrupts]

Naadu: Girl! You’re so vain.

Korkor: Look! Look!

Naadu: What?!

Korkor: Over there! That guy is fine… dayum! His tailored suit is almost arousing.

Naadu: Almost? Ah!!Mtchw. Wait, I think I know that guy.

[They draw closer to the groomsmen]

Naadu: Afriyie??

Afriyie: Naadu?! Wow what a surprise.

Naadu: You’re a groomsman?

Afriyie: [All smiles] Wow! This is… do you remember the emergency call I had to attend to last night? I had to replace one of the groomsmen who fell ill. How fortunate, right? [Still smiling]

Naadu: His sudden illness is fortunate?

Afriyie: [Smile fades] I mean…

Naadu: I’m happy to see you, by the way.

Afriyie: You’re breathtaking.

[Korkor pulls Naadu to her side]

Korkor: Really? Really? You always get them easily, don’t you?

Naadu: O c’mon! We met last night. He’s actually Joel’s friend… Ok, we’re moving now.

Korkor: No formal introduction? Hello?

Naadu: No! I know you. Let’s go.

Korkor: Well, this is gonna be really interesting




…to be continued

Photography Inspiration: Adrian McDonald.