Weird Phenomenon On Yummy Mummy


So this photo got me curious of pregnancy changes especially on the skin. I know of the dark line that goes from your pubic bone way up towards the breasts but a darkened baby bump – this is new to me!

Does this look weird to you too? Well, that’s if you’ve not experienced it before.

The typical black line called the linea nigra is a miraculous upshot of wild hormones from increase in the skin-darkening melanin.

So no, I doubt she’s bleached. Look closely at her photograph – her knuckles aren’t dark either. Perhaps she smeared some Vitamin E oils to prevent stretch marks. Nevertheless, this change is spectacular and unquestionably phenomenal.

Dark lines can also become visible around the belly button, vagina, areolas… Ousssshhh!! 😯

These are expected to fade away between 9-12months postpartum.

YES!! Such a relief, right? 🙄

Now above all else, I have so much respect for expectant mothers. Their expectancy is truly what it is – EXPECTANCY, even the surprises.

To the doctors and scientists, or anyone with knowledge of such expertise, please be kind to share with us some more acquaintances to enlighten us. I doubt my little knowledge on this subject is satisfactory enough.



Instagram: Queen Ella Mo’ Adenugba