Naadu – Episode 7


Whether we choose to believe in fate, or convince ourselves of the denial of its design in our lives, we cannot overlook those peculiar occurrences that come about without our consent.

[In the church]

[Couple exchanges vows]

Preacher: You may kiss the bride

[[External Analepsis – Flashback]]

Preacher: You may kiss your bride

[He uncovers her veil with a satisfied gaze and the warmest smile revealing the dimple on his right cheek – “your dimples nearly look like wrinkles”, she’d comment teasingly every time he smiled]

[“love you once, loved you forever”, he vowed]

[“always have, now till never”, she vowed]

[Scene fades back into the church]

Korkor: Hey! Hey!!

Naadu: Yeah!

Korkor: Are you okay?

Naadu: Uhuh… just [looks at Korkor with teary eyes]

Korkor: [Holds Naadu’s hands in a tight grip] I know. It’s alright. It’s alright.

Naadu: [Nods and lifts up her head so the tears will sink back in her eyes] I’m hungry.

Korkor: We should be done with the pictures soon

[Afriyie walks towards the ladies]

Korkor: What have you done to this guy? He kept staring at you throughout the service. He’s walking towards us.

Naadu: You should relax, he’s really cool.

Korkor: Oh great! Someone interrupted his moves. Wait, is that…

[Naadu turns to his direction]

Naadu & Korkor: [chorus] Joel?!

Naadu: What’s he doing here?

[Korkor bursts into laughter]

Naadu: What?!

Korkor: O! Nothing… nothing at all. You put a spell on these two?

Naadu: I put a spell on nobody, okay? They are probably best friends, like brothers.

Korkor: Oh shoot! Now that he’s here, I’m pretty certain he’ll demand answers from last night.

Naadu: I’ll sort it out

[Walks towards Joel and Afriyie]

Korkor: [loud whispers in uneasiness] Wait. Hey. What are you doing? No! Don’t! You’re insane.

Naadu: Gentlemen…

Afriyie: Mi-lady…

Joel: Wow.

Naadu: Hello to you too.

Joel: Ha! Pardon my niceness. I got in about half an hour ago. Small world, huh?

Naadu: Pretty much.

Afriyie: Bro, they’re leaving. Will you be at the cocktail party?

Joel: Sure. Why not?

Afriyie: [Stretches his hand towards Naadu] May I escort you?

Joel: Chill man, I think her partner will do that.

Afriyie: Exactly.

[Naadu steals glances of displeasure at Joel as they walk away]

Afriyie: Let me give you a ride to the house for the cocktail party

Naadu: Sure. I’ll get Korkor.

Afriyie: I saw her leave with the others.

Naadu: Alright. Should we get Joel then?

Afriyie: He came in his car, and a +1.

Naadu: +1?

Afriyie: Yeah, his girlfriend.

Naadu: O! O!! Ok… ok… haha! Yeah.

[He opens her door and she sits it]

Naadu: Thanks.

[On the road]

Naadu: Are you this nice, or you’re showing me that side of you?

Afriyie: Hangout with me often and you’ll know. How long can one pretend anyway?

Naadu: Tasha Cobbs.

Afriyie: You know Tasha?

Naadu: I sing in the choir.

Afriyie: Wow.

Naadu: How about you? What do you do in church?

Afriyie: You’ll laugh at me if I told you.

Naadu: Try me.

Afriyie: Interior decoration.

Naadu: Oh wow. Wow. Really?

Afriyie: Yes. I’m a Stylist, also into event planning and a decoration. I studied in the field of Architecture at KNUST, then I spent 3 years in Paris – 2yrs in a fashion and design school called ESMOD (l’Ecole Supérieure des Arts et techniques de la Mode)

Naadu: And the remaining 1yr?

Afriyie: Chilling and building a strong network.

Naadu: Impressive.

Afriyie: Thank you. I realized you became moody at a point during the service. All good?

Naadu: Yep.

Afriyie: I doubt it.

Naadu: Because?

Afriyie: I guess I’m just observant. You could’ve said “yes” or “yeah, all is good”, instead you said “yep”, but never mind, really. Whose words should I believe anyway, coming from the horse’s own mouth.

Naadu: Right.

Afriyie: So, you want to talk about it. I don’t s#ck at listening.

[Naadu smiles, and lightens up when she sees the Condensed Milk Toffee seller]

[She rolls down the window and signals her]

Naadu: You’ve got 5cedis note? I’m only with 20cedis notes, and I can’t take the risk.

Afriyie: Yeah, the traffic light will turn green soon.

[He removes the blue note from his purse and hands it over to the hawker]

Afriyie: I haven’t had this in ages. People still make them? And the Nkatie Cake and Coconut Toffees… mehn!

Naadu: You’re invited.

Afriyie: Okay! So, we’re here. Now, where do I park?

[Later… at the cocktail party]

Korkor: I think he’s cool. Hold on to this one. No more games.

Naadu: But I…

Korkor: I don’t care what you think. Look at us, we’re not getting any younger. Cyrus is gone, Naadu, and it’s been 2yrs already. You should move on.

Naadu: I have moved on.

Korkor: Really?? So why these petty games with men who for some mysterious reason, all happen to genuinely like you? Even my boyfriend fell in love with you and…

Naadu: …and end of conversation. I’m not doing this with you again, huh? We’re not having this conversation.

Korkor: Fine!

[Joel embraces Naadu’s waist from behind]

[She anxiously turns back]

Naadu: O! Hey! You scared me.

Joel: [Smiles] Let’s dance, please?

Naadu: Now? Here? To a slow tune? Definitely not.

Joel: Why??

Naadu: Afriyie might suspect something. I… I don’t think it’s the right move.

[He takes her glass and hands it over to a gentleman beside him. Then slickly, grabs Naadu’s hands and draws her to the floor]

[She wears on the nervous smile perfectly]

[He holds her waist and draws her to him… close, looking into her eyes]

[She takes her eyes off, just so she can smile at random people… but not for long]

[She locks her hands behind her neck]

[They couldn’t look elsewhere but at each other]

Joel: [he whispers to her face] There’s something you need to know. But first, you Naadu, are simply enchanting.


…to be continued

Photography Inspiration: Adrian McDonald.