GHANA Is 60 Next Year!


Someone asked me this morning, “so how old is Ghana?” and I answered, “our motherland is 60 next year”

Now, when it comes to the State of The Nation, we are not blind. We know what’s going on, because we are a patriotic people. But patriotism transcends the little flags hangs hanged in our vehicles and the face painting theme photoshoots of our beautiful colours with the Black Star in the middle of it.

Patriotism is loyalty.

It will be unwise to put up blog posts and Facebook statuses and comments cleverly mocking our motherland and her state. If we do not uphold our country, who else would?

If you want to see the change so bad…

If it chokes you so hard you can’t breathe yet…

You can’t survive…

I cannot think of any other option than to suggest you change your nationality, because your freedom matters to me.

I am grateful for the little things, and will keep counting my blessings, doing my part as a creative youth to be “faithful and LOYAL to Ghana my motherland”. No, loyalty is not conditional, and so is National pledge.