Ghana Cooking 103 : Main Dish “MPORTOR-MPORTOR” By Telande

If you’re old enough and Ghanaian enough, you cannot have a plate of Mportor-mportor without reminiscing a sense of infancy. Mportor-mportor is an Akan name translated in English as Yam Porridge. Today, we feature the recipe of this amazing Ghanaian meal from Kinorah Awini’s kitchen – a cook, food blogger and food stylist.


1/2 tuber of yam
1 sliced onion
3 medium size tomatoes
1 cup of palm oil
1/2 cup powdered herring
salt to taste
red pepper
smoked salmon


Boil chopped yam with salt to taste till it’s almost cooked
Add sliced onions, ground pepper, onion, tomatoes, salmon into boiling yam
Let it simmer for 5mins
Fry a hand full of sliced onions in a different sauce pan with the palm oil for a minute and pour Directly on the boiling yam,
Stir and its ready to serve


Prep time :10mins
Clock time:20mins
Total time:30mins

Try this recipe of Mportor-mportor and enjoy to the fullest 😉


Photograph: Redkyte Studios