Music: Friend Medley By Denzel Agyemang-Prempeh


It’s 04:07 and on a normal day about this time, my radio is tuned to Sweet Melodies with a cup of unhealthy fizzy drink or a book in my hand. Today, I have with me a slice of pizza from last night, and as I scroll down my FB timeline, I came across a video that recognized with my spirit. It couldn’t have been any less refreshing.

I’ve admired Denzel Agyemang-Prempeh, Naa Mercy, Pastor Isaiah Fosu Kwakye Jnr and Pastor Emmit Jim Konadu. I believe they are amazing Ghanaian vocalists who’ve risen and kept their fires burning along the years. I can tell because I’ve been watching. Such gifts are easily recognized.

Gone were the days when I used to suffer greatly from insomnia and depression. At a point, I realized my usually awakening a few minutes before midnight and/or before 2am was for a purpose. It’s the perfect time for the Christian to communicate to her father – the man who hardly talks back but wants you to talk to him always anyway. Hmph! Interesting. Then again, I realized when I follow this unsaid rule, my day is more refreshing and better, no mood swings, less angered (O God! Erase this Ganess in me)

You might not have made it awake before the sun rises, but I hope you enjoy this Friend medley of worship as it refreshes your soul.