Authentic Hyper Classics By Oresegun Olumide


I’ve always had a soft spot for painters and sketchers, and I can deliberately hook on to them like glue, until they find that adhesive remover. It is that kind of art that has no limit or rules to its creation. You definitely cannot review a painting or sketch by saying it was done erroneously.

I came across a Nigerian artist’s sketches that literally blew my mind away! Okay, not literally, but you get the exaggeration. He is in the person of Oresegun Olumide.

When I decided to blog about this, a few minutes ago, I thought to myself ‘how do I describe these works?’ I couldn’t come to any other conclusion except to say real and unaffectedly genuine his works are. The detailing is simply authentic.

Provide me with tools and a canvas… (wait, don’t even go that far) to draw drops of running water or the left eye, and I’ll ask you to extend the deadline to when I’m ready. So yeah, these works must be celebrated because of its authenticity and rareness.

Take a look:







Instagram: Oresegun Olumide