Colour… Texture… Threads! Thread Art Portraits By Solomon Yeboah


When you explore beyond your skyline of familiarity and finally begin to recognize and acquaint with other knowledge and skill of craftsmanship, you’ll understand that the sun isn’t the biggest star, and standing before the ocean never makes you any bigger. I bumped into an amazing craft called Thread Art.

For a while, I tried to figure out how this art worked and if it was a simpler way of sketching colourful portraits. I gathered that, colour and texture dominate this art quilting. It is a combination of shimmers of love, cloth and design in an adventurous way to command a rainbow of hues on fabric palettes. In simple words, Thread Art is expressed through fabric, fibers and quilting skills employing a free-motion application of thread using a sewing machine, and from a blend of various embellishment techniques, beautiful works of art are created.

Ghanaian artist Solomon Yeboah has been into Thread Arts Portraits for 10years. My curiosity heightened after he’d produced a bombshell portrait of me. So I asked him;

How will you describe your craft and yourself?

My style of Art is called Custom Thread Art Portraits. I mainly use thread in doing all my arteorks I do other African themed artworks as well, but mostly colourful portraits. I come from an art family; my Dad is also an artist and I read Arts in school, so choosing this particular craft wasn’t difficult, and I love what I do.



Here in Ghana?

In Ghana and outside Ghana.

How do people react to your work?

Everyone who sees the thread work for the first time is like “wow!” “is it really threaded?” They don’t believe it until they see it themselves. I think Ghanaians are truly appreciative of Ghanaian artwork. An example is when I created the IG page @ghanaian_artists

I also believe Ghanaians are beginning to embrace artists and their crafts these days. Creativity in seen on the walls of corporate waiting rooms and even on our telecommunication ads, like TiGO and Vodafone.

Take a look at Solomon’s artwork and connect with him on Instagram.









Instagram: @threaded_art_portraits_solo