Naadu – Episode 8


Love isn’t always enough, is it? If it can be sparked, then it can die. If it can die, then it can be revived. Whichever way, there’s more to loving than the butterfly effect and electrifying chills… there is work.


Naadu: Uhm… what are you doing?

Joel: ‘You’re welcome’ would’ve been an appropriate response.

Naadu: [sigh] Thanks anyway. What is it you want to tell me?

[He holds her even closer, but smoothly. Her bossom rested tensely against his toned packs. She was… moved. Slowly she relocates her arms locked behind his neck to brush his packs, more or less accidentally]

[He knew what she’d done, looked down at her and smiled. She couldn’t hide her smile either, only that it was demure and off-the-cuff]

Korkor: She’s a hard nut, that one

Afriyie: She is.

Korkor: Don’t give up. She’ll eventually submit when she’s certain of your trust.

Afriyie: I really like her, but I’m not sure where her heart is

Korkor: Hah! Are you talking about Joel?

Afriyie: We’re looking right at them

Korkor: One thing is sure; she likes a good chase.

Afriyie: So you think I still have a shot?

Korkor: I think you are a good man with genuine intentions for my friend.

Afriyie: [looks at Korkor and smiles]

[He walks towards Joel and Naadu]

Afriyie: Can I have this dance?

Joel: She’s all yours

Afriyie: Thanks bro.

[Joel walks away]

Afriyie: So, I’ll have to be leaving soon

Naadu: Again

Afriyie: Another excuse to meet you… again. My place or yours?

Naadu: Hahah! Movie lines, are we now?

Afriyie: We could watch one. How about Monday, I come pick you up after work to the Silverbird Cinema?

Naadu: [Smiles in liking]

Afriyie: That’s a yes?

Naadu: Yes, that’s a yes.

[He spins her in excitement]

[Joel sips his drink as he watches the excitement on the dancefloor]

[Scene fades]

[On Monday morning]

Korkor: Watch it!

Naadu: Agyei! Oh! But that was never there?

Korkor: If you weren’t walking and texting on Whatsapp at the same time, you would’ve seen it.

Naadu: Fine! Fine! Calm down. Bad night?

Korkor: It was just fine.

Naadu: Not when you say “just fine”. C’mon, what happened?

Korkor: Auntie Abena came by. She’s staying for a week

[Naadu couldn’t hold her laughter]

Naadu: Auntie Abena? Hhahaha!! You’re playing.

Korkor: I wish I was.

Naadu: Well, let’s hope she’s less superstitious this time.

Korkor: Less what?! She’s already banned me from sweeping at night and coming in after midnight.

Naadu: I understand they say you might sweep away your treasures when you sweep at night, but what’s the excuse for coming in after midnight?

Korkor: She said between midnight to 3am is when the witches operate in supremacy, so it is the best it me to pray and not walk out about leisurely.

Naadu: Saa!

Korkor: He can’t even call around that time, because she’s up praying in the house screaming in tongues.

Naadu: I guess you’ll have to wait till she leaves. For now, suffer long.

Korkor: Yeah. Anyway, Mrs. Asante and her husband are waiting for you.

Naadu: Am I late? It’s 17 to 9am, unless you changed our schedule time.

Korkor: You can just go in and start with them anyway. They seem…

Naadu: I get it. A cup of coffee, please. Regal is to die for. I’ll like that instead. They’ve make an amazing collection of coffee. Please… please….

Korkor: Regal?

Naadu: Yeah. You made me some last Friday, remember?

Korkor: Oh yeah, there’s more left. Black, as usual.

Naadu: You’re God-sent! [whipers] I love you [walks away]

[Enters the office]

[Couple stands to greet Naadu]

Mr & Mrs. Asante: Doc! Hi

Naadu: Haha you two must be syncing everything, huh?

Mrs. Asante: You could say that.

Naadu: Have a seat. You came rather early, and that made me feel late.

Mr. Asante: We’re sorry. Our schedule encountered a bit of complications today.

Naadu: Alright. So, Mrs Asante, why are you here?

Mrs. Asante: He brought me here. He should answer.

Naadu: Mr. Asante?

Mr. Asante: [looks at his wife and shakes his head in discontentment as she looks away] We’ve been married for 4yrs, Doc, and my wife wouldn’t cook for me.

Mrs. Asante: Aaaahhhhh! So you brought me here to talk about my cooking?

Mr. Asante: Not your cooking, darling. It’s your refusal to cook for me… me, your husband, after 4yrs of marriage.



…to be continued