Naadu – Episode 9


…but why won’t you cook for your husband??

Mrs. Asante: But in the beginning… [Naadu interrupts]

Naadu: No. No, Mrs. Asante, let him talk. You don’t interrupt your husband, and he must not interrupt you too. Let’s hear what he’s got to say. So, Mr. Asante?

Mr. Asante: In the beginning, I knew my wife couldn’t cook before we got engaged. The plan was that she’ll learn bit by bit when we settle in our new home. I didn’t mind taking how out to eat and bringing some food home. I just wanted her to try.

Mrs. Asante: Doc, I try, he knows I try, but I’m busy too. I work a 9-5, same as him, even later most of the time, but then we both get tired back home, and there’s sex and a lot of talking.

Naadu: Would you rather one of his colleagues cook for him?

Mr. Asante: There was an instance of that sort.

Mrs. Asante: Yes! Konadu!!

Mr. Asante: Konadu is my PA. She makes lunch and brings me some. It’s really not a big deal

Mrs. Asante: Until you made a comment commending her cooking and asking me to learn from her.

Naadu: Mrs. Asante

Mrs. Asante: No Doc, I’m really hurt. Why couldn’t we have discussed this at home, Mr. Asante?

Mr. Asante: You’re calling me Mr. Asante?

Naadu: Easy, guys… easy…

Mrs. Asante: Let her cook for you all the time. She doesn’t have a husband, so I don’t blame her at all. But doc, now that he’s brought up the subject, I walked into his office yesterday only to see them eating together. Was I supposed to ask them if I could join in?

Naadu: Mrs. Asante

Mrs. Asante: I am extremely hurt

Mr. Asante: We were only having lunch

Naadu: Will you 2 shut it already?! This is my domain, so my rules operate in here. When I ask you to shut it, you shut it. When I ask you to talk, we speak freely. Now, how do you expect me to listen to both of you at the same time?

Mr Asante: Sorry, Doc

Naadu: Mr. Asante, in the first place, why will you have lunch with your PA in your office? It’s highly unprofessional

Mr. Asante: I agree.

Naadu: Unless there is more to the professional relationship.

Mr. Asante: Well…

[Mrs. Asante interrupts in disbelief]

Mrs Asante: Well…?

Naadu: Uhuh…?

Mr. Asante: We are friends. We hangout once in a while.

Mrs. Asante: You’ve got to be kidding me.

Mr. Asante: Doc, I love my wife, and there’s no shred of doubt about it. I just get needy sometimes, in need of a friend, someone to talk to. But she’s busy, and Konadu gets my jokes. She flows with me effortlessly, but I come home to my wife’s familiarity. And days when I don’t bring any food home, she painlessly sits behind her computer to work while I go fix something in the kitchen.

Mrs. Asante: Doc

Naadu: Mrs. Asante, there is no excuse for an African woman who does not cook for her husband, especially when he ends up eating together with his PA in his office, which I’m pretty sure wasn’t once… a habitual thing, not so, Mr. Asante?

Mr. Asante: [nods in agreement, dishonorably]

Mrs. Asante: [whispers in disappointment] wow!

Naadu: We know he loves you beyond your capabilities because he saw the potential in you to learn, even though you couldn’t cook. Now, within these 4yrs, have you tried to cook something for your man? Have you purchased any recipe book to try out new things? I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t hate you if your meal was to go completely wrong and burnt.

Mrs. Asante: [with teary eyes] But I want to be perfect for him

Mr. Asante: Babe!

Mrs. Asante: I don’t want him to see me try. I want him to see that I can deliver

Naadu: But he has to see you try so he encourages you, because he has faith in you

Mrs. Asante: But this girl, Konadu, she discourages me to the core. She’s pretty and laughs at his jokes. She carries his bag and knows his schedule. She’s like the perfect match for him.

[Mr. Asante turns over to his wife and holds her hands]

Mr. Asante: Babe, I love you, not her. I married you, not her. But for this to work, we’ll have to try… we’ll have to keep trying till it works. “For better for worse”, remember?

Mrs. Asante: You know I’m hurt, right?

Mr. Asante: I know you’ll try to make us work, and not push me into the arms of another woman only because you can’t cook

Mrs. Asante: But it’s a big deal to you, cooking

Mr. Asante: It is

Mrs. Asante: I will make this work, but I am not comfortable with you being close to her. It’s nerve-racking.

Mr. Asante: Anything for my babe

Naadu: That’s lovely. So now, Mrs. Asante, how do you feel?

Mrs. Asante: Relieved, I guess. I never dreamt of us seeing a therapist, but I guess it’s helped in a way

Naadu: In a way?

Mrs. Asante: A lot, I must confess. Because at a point, I felt lonely, and I felt he loved me less because he found someone almost like me, and also had in addition that primary thing I fall short in.

Naadu: How about you, Mr Asante?

Mr. Asante: I love my wife, more than anything. But I wouldn’t appreciate it if she doesn’t fight for my attention, because I meet a lot of people and also have a woman as my PA. I know I’ll have to cut down on a couple of things, including the time I spend with her, so I can spend quality time with my wife.

Naadu: Awesome. I’ll see you in 2 weeks then

Mr. Asante: Thank you, Doc. We’re a handful but you’re an amazing listener.

Naadu: I’m here for you. You’ll have to make it a point not to miss our next appointment.

[Scene fades out]

[Korkor brings in the cup of coffee]

Naadu: Really? Really??

Korkor: What?!

Naadu: I wanted that like yesterday.

Korkor: He’s still texting you, isn’t he? So what do you think?

Naadu: I think he’s really cool… amazing actually. We have a date tonight.

Korkor: Oouuu…

Naadu: I know, but…

Korkor: No, don’t tell him

Naadu: What if he’s the real deal?

Korkor: Then you better take your mind off Joel. Joel is great, but Afriyie is good for you. I know you already have a secret thingy going on with Joel right now and some crazy chemistry, but he’s dating, and what if he honestly did bet on you and there’s more to the story. He did want to tell you something, didn’t he?

Naadu: Yeah. I know what he’s got to say, and I don’t want to hear it.

Korkor: Why are you playing this game?

Naadu: Because I found out something about him yesterday that really blew me away

Korkor: Uhuh…

Naadu: He knew him.

Korkor: He knew… oh my! No way. He knew…

Naadu: Yes. There’s more to this than a silly bet. He had it all planned. He knew.

Korkor: Oh-my-God!!


…to be continued

Photography Inspiration: Adrian McDonald.