Love Is Blind… But After 3-Months


Many at times, we find ourselves in a down for the count effort to impress and excite the ones we fall in love with. We are inclined to show them our finest part, and often only see same in them because we want to… perhaps because we are blind to everything else but that. It could be that, this defines the prevalent view “love is blind”

…but after 3-months.

At least, 3-months.

The first 3-months are the best, for the reason that the relationship is in its prime;

the weekly dates,

scouting and spotting new locations for hangout,

finishing each other’s sentences,

sharing the little details,

he’s the first to see a selfie of your new hairdo,

she texts when you’re about texting her… timely or sheer coincidence?

phone calls last so long that friends begin to wonder if he works at a telecommunications network,

and you’re assured of that 1 Like on your Facebook statuses and IG every time you upload a thought or a photo.

All these are realities on the ground, and it feels incredibly good, it does. You are in love, you’re being shown love and feel that sense of belonging everyone else wants.

But after this series, familiarity and complacency sets in. His calls reduce to text and her voice doesn’t sound as sweet in your ears. His contact jumped 5 lines down the Favourite Calls list, and she’s not as available as she was to hangout like before. Nonetheless, you love each other.

It is natural that about this time, both of you unveil that side that you’re done hiding. How long can one pretend? How long can you impress? The not-so-pleasant part, the I’ll call you back but never did and never addressed it, the me too response to I love you, and the list is endless.

Perchance your 3-months lasted a month or 6, even a year, but if you were able to make it through this phase and stayed in love, then you must have put in some considerably impressive effort to work it out. But there are those who will also throw in the towel when things get sour and dreary. It all comes down to choice, preference too.

After your 3-months phase and unveiling of the skeletons, you will have to make the choice to stay or leave. Let us not forget that breaking off from a relationship is usually not because one party is bad, rather one party is good and better off with another. Compatibility is key, so being in love is often not enough, in this context. This is why I have crowning admiration for couples who stay in a relationship and grow old together.

So yeah, love is blind, but after 3-months.