50 Likes For Me!

Earlier, I thought of compiling a list of things that made me tick, but after seeing Maukeni’s post on 100 Things That Make Me Happy, I knew I had to list them in numbers… but a 100?! C’mon Keni, when do I start, when do I finish? I’ll eventually discover a part of myself with this list – let’s just give it a shot with my first 50 Likes.

Although this list you’ll be reading is about me, I’ve made it available to all my new and upcoming friendly relationships curious of my likes in the first days of the inferred knowing-me-knowing-you phase.

In no order of significance…


Let’s talk about food, let’s share pictures and recipes, LET US EEEEEEAAATT!


My Sundays are dedicated to church. It’s a complete day’s affair and it makes me happy for all the right reasons. It’s the only day I get to meet most of the people who mean so much to me at one fell swoop.


Mother directly advised a few years ago, that I get colourful clothes because I looked disturbing in black even for lively events, but Ghanaians remain superstitious.


It makes me feel gallant and sexy


Uhm…yeah, clean.


I’ll rather text than talk on phone; I stutter sometimes and talk fast… sometimes. Plus my voice is @#%6?y/


I love photos. I love looking at them as compared to taking them (photo modelling).

Meme Photos

But please let them be witty and abstract

Horror Movies 😈

It’s the suspense and bloody scenes that gets me hooked. I enjoy watching them alone so no one else sees my bizarre expression.

Sniffing People

Uhm… yeup!


Jollof… Jollof… and more Jollof!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Have I talked about food enough? I love the ones with sausages so visible that I can pluck them out before taking my slices.

Fizzy Drinks

Specifically Coca Cola; there’s something ecstatic about it.


Sneakers over heels any day

…But Heels

Makes me feel all feminine and sweet and nice. You’ll like me when you see me in them


Sadly, the last time I was in one, a little over a year ago, 2 men in the pool stared intensely with piercing licentious eyes. The looks in their pregnant wives’ eyes when I got out of the pool was disheartening enough.

Men In Black

Men look appealing in black

Men In White

They even look stimulating in plain white shirts


The Bitter Lemon is bitter but it’s somewhat sweet in my mouth. That doesn’t mean I have the sweet tongue for bitter medicine. NO!



Polka Dots


Water is refreshing

The Difference Between AM & I’M

You’re instantly attractive when you use these words appropriately. You’re not if you don’t.


They are classy, and adds a dash of elegance and properness

When He Cuts His Hair

He looks way better. There’s something about men’s haircuts and facial hair trimmings that makes me happy – still trying to figure that out.


I am a pogonophile. Anything else you want to know?


I mean, why not?



With the seeds, of course.


Superhero Movies

Why did they have to end S02 of Daredevil that way?

TV Shows

I’ll chose these over movies



The smell after or during the rains

My bed

The second favourite place in my house


Huh? What? Where do I wear them? On my body, where else??


Salted Butter

Buttered popcorn

Sticky Notes on my laptop screen


I have a couple of branded mugs and stationery from organizations and banks. I can do better



Phone battery charged 100%

Lecture cancelled

Junk food supply when I crave them

Cwesi Oteng & Flo’Riva Incorporated

My twin brother’s hungry face  😳

So, I automatically get 50 Likes from you because you read 50 Likes of me which eventually made you smile or kiss your teeth; pretty awesome for me by the way. I’ll come again with 50 more to seal the 100 target.

I’m so sure you’ve got no mischievous thoughts and questions in relations with my list.

Ok! I should just stop talking and prepare the next 50.

Photography: Gerard Nartey