50 More Likes For Me!

Have you seen the first 50 Likes For Me? Here is a list of 50 Likes More  that makes me happy… makes me tick.

Drawing up this list made me discover there is so much weirdness and normality in my preferences – I’ll certainly hide the weird parts, I wouldn’t want you thinking I’m a freak or abnormal… hah! At all! Again, in no order of preference, take a look at this normal list.

Dark Chocolate

White Chocolate

I know, right? From dark chocolate to white chocolate? I don’t even think I get it, but it makes me tick… it makes me happy.

Cyber stalking

Especially at night on Facebook and Instagram. It is so much fun, you should try it if your conscience permits it

Tampico over Fandango


My earphones

Men with bum 😳 

It’s highly likely they do squats, but if it’s naturally shaped and rounded in those jeans, well… all good. Some girls like bum too.

Pooping 🙄 

No, don’t go all “eeww” and “argh”. It’s the relief I feel during the action; a similar feel after the eagerness to pee when you finally do. Good, isn’t it?


Pamalat Custard


Bel Aqua Mineral Water

Ice Cool Mineral Water (pure water)

Conversations without salutations

Always Ultra Pads

Kolo Tea

In my childhood days, mother used to make Kolo Tea for us – that’s what she called it. It is made of ice chilled water with sugar and preferably liquid milk solution. Often, we’ll break bread (literally) and dip the broken pieces in the Kolo Tea, either one at a time or a considerable number at once to soak the Kolo Tea. The bread is commonly sugar bread so it makes the ‘meal’ sweeter. Even more interestingly, she’ll make them at dawn when I couldn’t sleep or woke up hungry.


Plain Coloured Walls

Beta Malt

Beta Malt over Malta Guinness, any day!

TLC Channel

Food Network

Vin Diesel

Matthew McConaughey

Dorain Grey (Movie)

Exam (Movie)

Rio 3

Freshly Cut Grass

Smell of Rosemary In My Food

Writing and Blogging

Listening To People Who Cannot Sing, Sing.



Babies’ Meals

Making and eating them too, the meals, not the babies

Reading Sentences With The Apostrophe Signs Used Appropriately


I’ve only imagined them but never been on any.

Unforeseen Hugs

Forehead Kisses

An intensely aww sensation

Collecting Stationery

Short Hair (healthy)

Natural Hair (healthy)


Vintage Dresses

Dry Wit

Spontaneously Dining Out




Random Birthday Cakes

It gets the more exciting when it’s random and in fact not my birthday. I love such surprises. I’m still counting on the first birthday cake I receive with buttered icing and my name on it.

Old Men Dancing

…take a wild guess on this one! 😈 

Photography: Gerard Nartey