Creō Concepts Introduces Guru and Agyingo In A Short Skit – LA GATA


Apparently there was a Telenovela with the caption LA GATA which caught so much attention from the locals. Even now, LA GATA is an expressive for Telenovela.

In this 3D skit by one of Ghana’s leading creative agencies Creō Concepts, we see Agyingo’s girlfriend requesting that he downloads the several episodes of La Gata she missed over the past weeks. Agyingo, not wanting to fail his inamorata’s (in my Spanish tongue) demands, promises to download the episodes even though he didn’t operate a smart phone – NOKIA3310!

So, long story shortened, well… uhm not really a long story but… ok, so Agyingo fails and Guru, the Internet Maestro appears on the scene, teaching him how to use the Internet on a smart phone.

If you have a keen eye for subliminal things, you’ll notice Agyingo’s NOKIA phone was “YES-KIA”. That was amusing, and definitely got my attention.

The 2D/3D animation is progressively taking over our branding and advertising world, and it is pretty encouraging knowing that natives who are skilled in such form of art can practically put to work their expertise, and in so doing promote the art industry in Ghana.

Watch the video: