Shedding Off Mr. Someone

You know that feeling of disappointment when you purchase an outfit and get home to try it on only to realize it doesn’t fit? And altering it will completely change the design and niceness of that outfit. Yeah, that was the story with Mr. Someone.

A few weeks ago, I got a dress and later realized it wouldn’t fit. I know my weight is unstable but looking at the dress, there was no way I was going to gain the much weight to fit in it. I thought of altering the waist, but it’ll look funny if I did. Later, I pictured one of my sweet spirited choristers in it. First, I didn’t want to accept it, but I knew it had to go. I knew it’ll look better on her.

Guess what? When I met her, she’d grown bigger over the semester break so I assumed that was the answer to my silent prayer. But I couldn’t believe the words that came out of my mouth: “you’ll have to shed some weight to wear this dress” 🙄 

Mother said “he is a good man and has a good heart, but the question is, is he good for you?”

The issue of compatibility plays an incessant role in every relationship, even friendship. Yes, love is the greater factor, but love is triggered – ask the married ones. When you sit together watching a movie and he wants to discuss some scenes, you cannot keep saying “I love you”. When he doesn’t like talking but she’s a talkative and enjoys being heard and hearing others share their minds as well, saying “I love you” doesn’t seal it. When your blood group AS and she’s SS, “I love you” doesn’t prevent you from having children with sickle cell diseases.

It is easier to play the blame game during the breakup phase, but not in every case.

When the dress doesn’t fit and certainly wouldn’t work when altered, it is only rational to let it go, unless you’ll like to look funny in it. There is also the situation where altering it will make it work. If it will, why not?

Photographer: Gerard Nartey