Maybe You’re Just Not Good Enough


Have you ever, at some point in time, felt you’re just not good enough? This has nothing to do with low self-esteem or an absence of positivism. You feel you are just not doing as you should… You’re not doing enough?

Those watching, even your friends say you’ve got it all figured out, but then, deep down within your soul, you know how far you can go, and feel you’ve not even made half the mark.

How do you deal?

Contentment can be good in its own right, but there are days when contentment breeds complacency and mediocrity, so maybe it’s never really good enough… you’re never really trying hard enough.

Man’s wants are insatiable in every way. What then is the measure of satisfaction?

We will keep trying still, and even when we feel our expectations have been met, because of the insatiability of our wants and desires, we will keep going till we know no contentment.

Perhaps that will mark the day we say “maybe we’ve had enough”.