Bridesmaid Duty #6… Before My Saturday Comes

For the sixth time, I said yes to doing tons of work for no pay and being set free within 3-6months of preparation prior to the big day. That sounds more like indentured serving than bridesmaid duties.

And of course, that silent bargain to look less pretty than the bride when it comes to choosing the style of outfit and makeup to rock on the day. But that’s okay, because we helped her throughout all the frogs and now we tie down the Prince. Definitely we can sacrifice a day of zero attention.

One of my darlings Maamle, got married 2-weeks ago causing a rise on my Bridesmaid duty list – 6 and counting. Other friends wouldn’t resist asking the ‘disturbing’ question 😡 “so when are you getting married?” My answer – “my Saturday is coming” 😛

The colours blended so well and you’ll marvel to know that the bride sewed her gown and the bridesmaids’. When it comes to sewing, I haven’t moved a step past elementary school lessons of patching torn areas, zips buttons and the like. Mehn! I gotta up my game 🙁

The wedding was simple and successful, and I’ll personally strangle Reginald if he breaks my girlfriend’s heart.  I wish them well, and seasonal refreshing of love and happiness.

Oh yeah, I met my High School crush  😯

Take a look at these photos.













Photography: Anthony Tutu