From Fashion GH To Auntie Oboshie : Laurie Frempong & Miz Akwele

Laurie & Akwele

You’ve seen Before & After photos on other social media platforms – I’m not talking about the no makeup against the makeup ones, I’m referring to the usual workout photos, celebrities’ photos of their physical and ‘vampirism’ changes within a number of years. Here’s one I decided to create with my friend and fellow blogger and model Laurie Fremong.

In 2014, we took a goofy photo at the biggest fashion shopping festival in the country hosted by Fashionista GH. Today, Fashionista GH rebranded to Auntie Oboshie, again hosted a fashion event, one of its kind in Ghana; this time showcasing Ghanaian fashion and its evolution from the 60s to the present day.

We tried replicating the same picture. Check it out. Lol! This was fun.



Laurie & Akwele



                                                                                 OB Abenser (CEO Auntie Oboshie) & Laurie Frempong

Instagram: Laurie Frempong