Outta The Limelight : Cwesi Oteng

Ideally, I’m to give you a rundown of his successes in the Christian Music Industry and the number of awards he’s earned for harnessing his God-given crafts. Well, let me deviate then, just a little. I’ll tell you about Cwesi Oteng outside the limelight. Ready? Okay.

Spontaneous. Now, here is what Spontaneous looks like: at about 8pm, “Tricia, what are you doing tonight? I’ll talk to the others and pick you up on our way to Osei’s studio. We’re recording tonight” And studio sessions could last until 2am with zero feeling of time wasted. As long as the food was catered for during our sessions, I was okay.

When it comes to pragmatism and level-headedness, Cwesi is impenetrably IT! In the beginning, I was shy and felt it’ll be a bother to discuss personal issues with him… you know, youthful foolishness and flaws, but Cwesi handles it with some practicality, and he follows up too. His non-judgmental sense is admirable.

But his intermittent Phlegmatic nature bothers me sometimes. “I know about it”, but I guess it’s necessary that every leader must adapt different skills in different situations when they call for it.

Over the years, our surprise birthday parties have never really worked on him. He simply doesn’t like it.

But if anyone every believed in my crafts and pushes me to master it, suggesting books and scriptural references and assignments, it is Cwesi Oteng. I honestly don’t know how he does it, but to talk to a daughter figure and make her feel like a friend too, that is uncommon.

Funny, he’s been there all the time, and I come and go. That’s not fair, but he doesn’t complain.

I’ve practically seen him show mercy to disloyal sons, and it is marveling. He hurts, I know, but it’s his worldview that overpowers that hurt and pain from the disappointments and disloyalty.

It’s his birthday today but he remains young at heart, even in looks. When you have a friend who’s also a father and a shepherd, it only makes sense to celebrate him.


Cwesi’s got a birthday gift for us all  😳 😉 . Download BREAKING NEWS (LOVE) HERE!