Hi! I’m Mary, Jesus’ Mama


I should be the happiest woman to have ever lived. What else would satisfy one’s soul than to know and hear directly from the One Sovereign God that he’s found favour in your sight and decides to start the remarkably world changing revival through you? I mean, I was pregnant for God! Imma let that sink for a few seconds…

You should’ve seen my face when Gabriel told me what would happen. I wondered how Joseph was going to take it, but of course, Gabriel settled him. I remember when I started showing signs of pregnancy, he was shocked, Joseph, although he knew about the prophecy. I guess our human nature causes our belief to be incomplete until there’s an evidence of it; and there it was, A CONFIRMATION.

You know about my pregnancy; even those who don’t believe know anyway. What you don’t know is how I handled it. Read on if you’re interested.

He was born in the manger. As if the sins of the world being bared on him at his death wasn’t enough, he had to be born in a filthy, unkempt area in the midst of smelly animals. God and his plans.

He grew well – can a mother blow her horn a little? Besides, I’m dead. There was one sunny afternoon when he looked so strong and never stopped to rest from the carpentry work until he’d fixed our neighbour’s stools. Just when he hit against the nails, my heart skipped beats however I was able to gain composure within a few minutes. I stood for a while, watched him wipe the sweat running down his face… He was a fixer. He is a fixer. He came to put it all right. Even his mission was manifested in his carpentry work. Pretty cool, not so?

Even with the outstanding miracles, people talked ill about my son. I overheard my own neighbour gossip with her friends, mentioning that he was gay because he was always seen with men… 😡 Duhh! They’re his disciples, women! Hope she didn’t pass it on to her descendants in your generation.

The king. Our Lord. Our Saviour. MY SON.

It was hard watching the one I raised carry such heavy load. He couldn’t even carry the cross. It weighed him down countless times. With every fall, I felt his pain, until he made eye contact with me at a point; the cross hit his head as his head hit against the rocky ground. Yet he kept his eyes fixed on me. You should’ve seen that look. As if he was saying “too much pain, mama, too much pain” but he couldn’t stop now… he’d come too far to stop now. He stood up. That tore me inside out!

Cruel world! Cruel world! I couldn’t imagine how heavy the sin of this world was, yet he did it. He carried it. He bared it all on that tree… On that cross.
My baby boy…
My baby Yeshua…
There were times when I questioned God. Why not?? If he’d chosen me to contain mankind’s revival, why would I have to go through all this pain, watching him go through all that pain? Technically he’s God’s son but so long as he was in human form, he belonged to me. Yet there were times I felt him distant. Well, God and his plans.

What kind of person is this? If mankind is such trouble, why not erase them? Why not turn all their hearts to yours? Can you not do it? What test of love is this? Well, I see my son but in a different light now, in a brighter light… He is the light 😆

One last thing – this is for those who’ve carved statues of me in appreciation of my duties. Too cool mehn! 🙄  😳 I see it all.