Ghanaba’s 7 Gods Are Coming… Still


The anticipation is deafening! Creō Concepts’ Ghanaba illustration series which featured only female characters, although extensively appreciated by many viewers, didn’t quite go well with the men. On behalf of Creō Concepts, here is a public notice to calm down the hearts of the anxious ones.

We’ve read all your messages and heard your concerns, and we must say you guys are the realest there are of followers and fans. We are honoured, greatly. However, it is necessary that we are on the same wavelength, particularly on the Ghanaba series.

The central idea behind Ghanaba is to portray the beauty and distinctiveness of the Ghanaian culture in a series of illustrations with females as chiefly characters. By exposing the natural strengths and potentials of the daily Ghanaba, the world will appreciate the naturally endowed prowess of the Ghanaba women as icons of the innate beauty within our motherland.

With that in mind we decided to initially only focus on female characters. We’ve definitely heard what you all want and we are currently working on a plan to introduce the 7 Gods in the Ghanaba Animated series which is currently in the early stages of development.

Once again we would like to thank you guys for making Ghanaba the success it has become and we are truly grateful for all the love and support. Next week we will be taking the 7 characters into the future for our brand new Ghanaba campaign starting on Monday.

I’ll do my part to keep you updated.

Wanna see what caused the anticipation? It’s HERE!