The Most Influential Citizens of JOLLOF Nation (MICOF) React To “Jollof Rice Mix”

We silently put up with the ‘Neat Series’ of foods, and although some young traditional homes chipped it in in their kitchens occasionally, we remained loyal to our indigenous foods when we didn’t permit the Neat Series of Food to outdo our home-grown meals. But for Jollof, hah! Darling… think again.

Call this blown out of proportion, but I will because of my allegiance to the ceaselessly magical meal – Jollof. Corny? We love it because of how we make it, the processes in making it, how it makes us feel the day after, even the taste of the stew to confirm that presumed taste before the rice enters… do you have an idea of how successful and ecstatic that feels? 🙄 Pfft! We even had a fuss with Nigerians about who makes the best Jollof; which other meal causes us to do that? Is it Gari? Eba? Fufu?

To have had you lower the value of this divine meal into an indefinitely shaped bottle, more like Brown Sugar container…

To have had you decide on which ingredients already used and the colour already determined…

To have had you relegate our intellect by asking us to JUST ADD WATER without specifying under which conditions and limiting the preparation time to 20min only…

You must think you are doing us a favour, but if we be dumb in any phase of our lives, THIS IS CERTAINLY NOT IT.

We love our Jollof the way we make it. No shortcuts; we didn’t ask for it, we never dreamed of it.

This is simply an abomination and an absolute stain to the Most Influential Citizens of Jollof Nation (MICOJ). We are watching 👿  👿  👿