Her Gracefully Confident Physique – Project “SLENDER” By Bezalel & Aholiab


Initially, I was fascinated by the Biblical allusion to the photography Instagram account of B + A –Bezalel And Aholiab (Exodus 31). Already acquainted with the story of these 2 men chosen by God and endowed to work in all manner of workmanship” and gifted artisanship one-to-one, I was instantly attached to their works and followed them keenly, I still do, not as in stalking, just following  🙄 . Long intro, is it? Let me introduce you to Project SLENDER.


Project SLENDER was birthed when we realized we could actually focus on this particular body type, emphasize its uniqueness and create an awareness of the necessity of self-confidence, especially in one’s physique.


The Project SLENDER was going to be just the beginning of a campaign on self-confidence despite the public notions and preferences of how a person should look like. SLENDER is what one would describe a female with relatively less volume.

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, whereas one may prefer ladies with mass (you know what we are talking about 😉) another may a slender form. In our part of the world the former seems to be most preferred and ladies who happen to find themselves adorned with bodies of the latter preference are usually less regarded.

To use the word THIN would have failed us in communicating our mindset, we wanted to emphasize the GRACE that accompanies a slim female, it’s not just about how she looks but how she carries herself, it’s about who she recognizes herself as.

GRACEFULLY THIN is our unique selling point. It’s about the heart and mind with which she takes the world.


Instead, it’s taking the attention of ladies away from the preferences and the stereotypical mindsets out there and refocusing them on themselves. It’s about the worth you give yourself by what you invest in yourself and not the worth the public assigns you by their myopic points of view.

Every so often names have an uncanny bearing with our lives and any form of activity we find ourselves involved in – you don’t need to be superstitious to believe this; don’t if you don’t. The son who hates his father and swears to be anything but him, grows to become him.

A few more rambling lines, then you can view photographs from this project: coming to think of it, I’ll only be saying what B + A stated above if you’ll be reading on, so we’ll just stick to this – BE CONFIDENT IN YOUR SKIN… if you’re treating it right.






_MG_4044 1




Models: Nadia GyimahAma Hemaa, Patience Kitson, Jennifer M Akoni, Georgina Boateng & Ziza

Photograph: B + A