THE GOLD MEMBER: Starring Ian Wordi, Gedoe & Josephine Kuu-ire of Mumble Photography

The idea behind Conceptual Photography is the staged impression it represents. It is easier when the preconceived idea is executed successfully to completion and the viewers clearly get the whole picture, whether instantly or later. Photographed by Josephine Kuu-ire, directed by Gedoe and modelled by Ian Wordi, GOLD MEMBER” is a staged photography project of a Sea God.

In the series, Ian Wordi plays a Sea God pulled out on shore, but it’s not just the surface – the story talks about fame and the ‘god-status’.

In a Conversation With Josephine On GOLD MEMBER…

When one reaches ‘god status’ or attains a very high level of fame, he is a god. Everything he touches turns to gold. He lives in his own world. Him being pulled out to shore is when his fame dies and everything that dies smells. Gold fishes are the most beautiful thing in the water, but when it dies it becomes just another smelly fish hence him being pictured with the gold fish.

Why Ian and Gedoe On This Project…

The three of us usually work together on concepts/shoots. So as usual we just wanted to do something different and artsy and step away from the norm. But Gedoe is usually the brains behind the concepts.

Josephine is well-known for her uncanny and eerie conceptualized photographs, so this is pretty much a remarkable delivery of a rare concept than it is startling to those acquainted to her works.







Director: Gedoe

Photographer: Josephine Kuu-ire (Mumble Photography)

Model: Ian Wordi