These Matchsticks Look Realer Than Our Perceived Realities


Haven’t we all had our share of originality? At least one of your friends, if not yourself, has failed at creating something out of the ordinary, and perhaps given up.

Now and then, we see phenomenal creative innovations online by pretty young people who kept trying until they finally hit it. Some are clearly stupid, like the man who put a lizard on his nose with a bundle of money in his hands and said “lizard on my nose” 😯 . As if that wasn’t enough, the lizard fell off and as it was crawling away, he went after it, caught it and placed it back on his nose again… pfft! 😡  A few days ago, viral photos of a young boy who placed his glasses on the floor at an art exhibition, and naïvely had viewers photographing it thinking it was an artwork. Interesting, isn’t it? 😎

But this, this blew me away. “Korekgraphy” literally means “toy-graphy” or “creative-graphy” where “Korek” is Indonesian and “Graphy” is English. According to the Korekgraphy, he initially saw a photographs on Google of matchsticks symbolizing objects but not completely whole as humans. That was when his creativity set off in full swing.

Viewing gallery, I realized the matchsticks look realer than our real lives, in that there embody our truths and arouses that ‘aww’ feeling, awakening our realities and countering all the ifs… just by looking at these photos.

Matchsticks indeed do light up fires.











Instagram: KorekGraphy

Facebook: KorekGraphy Matchstick-Photography